• SuperKat

    Tina tuna was just flying on her bird (A flying Fish!)when she swept down to watch the swerlies she saw bea oscar milo and albert go into the pot!She told her bird to fly down and he did!SheYelld for them to get on so they did and were saved!The truth is tina tuna saved them not bea!

    (In the show yes bea did save them this is completely ficticon!)

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  • SuperKat

    A Bio on Tina Tuna

    March 9, 2011 by SuperKat

    Christina Tunafish was born on Feb. 6 ,1996 makeing her parents hipnotized by her beauty and cuteness.Amazed by their daughters awesomeness they spioled her as a baby,but when she became 6 she got rid of any thing girly (Other then her never ending colletion of glass ponies) in a box that said "To be used later".She said she wanted advencher and girly toys dolls and dresses would only hold her back.After that she requested they move to a place outside the tank,Her parents who are still drooling over her obeyd,straped on their water suits and they were off.

    About 6 years later Tina said she wanted a sister.Her mom did not want to have another kid so she adopted Chesea.Tina loved chelsea alot and always was avalible to babysit her any time an…

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